Is It Safe To Do An Auto Credit Application On A Dealership's Website?

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Is It Safe To Do An Auto Credit Application On A Dealership's Website?
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Is It Safe To Do An Auto Credit Application On A Dealership's Website?

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Have you been looking to finance a car in your area? Well financing a vehicle online is now the most common way of doing so. But, is it safe to do an auto credit application on a dealership website? Autoplex Alberta values the safety of our customers and employees so we wanted to talk about what we as a company do and what you can look for to protect your information online.

More and more we find ourselves online connecting with businesses, providing information, and purchasing goods all without leaving our homes. In-person appointments have been reduced everywhere due to fear of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and a realization that technology allows more to be done online then ever. In recent years more auto loan credit applications have been done online and car sales are up, however, all this seems too good to be true. Can you really get approved and buy a car from the comfort of your home? The answer is yes! But getting approved for an auto loan at home requires some caution to be done safely.

To help fast-track and connect with more customers across the province, Autoplex Alberta has developed an online auto finance application that can be completed in just a few minutes. This credit application allows our finance team to get a majority of the information required to get you pre-approved for an auto loan. With our application we have approved customers good, bad or no credit in less than 24 hours. However, Autoplex Alberta has also implemented various data protection methods that are there to keep your information safe. The credit application is designed to provide as much information needed to work towards getting you pre-approved but not too much information that it becomes dangerous in the wrong hands. All this allows the sales team at Autoplex Alberta to determine the best vehicle and financial opportunities for you. The Autoplex Alberta online credit application does not ask for your SIN #, however, it is eventually necessary when further pursuing the approval.

Use A Credit Monitoring Application.

There are many useful tools online that can help you monitor your credit without affecting your credit score. Credit Karma, Equifax, and Transunion are all great and safe applications to use for doing so. These websites all allow you to check your credit score regularly, see any transactions that may be affecting your credit score, and most importantly set up alerts to know when your credit bureau has been pulled. With Equifax you can even utilize the fraud detection system to monitor your SIN, Credit Cards, and other identification for misuse without your permission. Although having this protection will cost you a monthly subscription, it's always recommended when providing information online, plus you can cancel and restart your subscriptions anytime!

Credit Monitoring Applications

Never Provide Your SIN Online!

Okay, so why is a Social Insurance Number (SIN) required on an auto finance application anyways? Well regardless if you are doing a pre-approval or full auto finance application your SIN number is always required by our finance team for your own protection.Your SIN will be used in the verification process when pulling your credit bureau to make sure nobody can apply for an auto loan on your behalf without your permission. Your SIN is the one piece of government issued identification that only YOU should have access to, therefore, it is a very important step for individual verification in the auto finance application. When asked for your SIN by your auto credit specialist you should feel comfortable providing this information, but you should never give it out online where it can be saved. You should never type your SIN into a form field, chat box, text message or email. The safest way to provide your SIN information to an auto credit specialist is either in-person or through a secured-line telephone call after you have made sure you are talking to the correct individual. Autoplex Alberta will never ask our customers to provide their SIN online.

Make Sure the Website Is Secure!

When completing your auto finance application online, firstly, make sure you are on the correct website. Scammers and data-thieves will often create website spoofs (fake websites with exact design replications) for the purpose of misleading you to give them your information. Always check the spelling of the domain name, and make sure it ends with the proper extension (.ca, .com, other). Secondly, check that the website has SSL protocol (https://). The protocol is the first 4-5 characters of a domain (http or https) followed by a colon and double slash characters. The https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and this is protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encrypts data as it is transferred over the connection between your browser and the host; making it harder for data-thieves to steal. Note that websites with “http” are NOT secured by SSL. You can also identify if a website is SSL secure indicated by the lock 🔒 icon next to the domain in your browser search bar.

Autoplex Alberta Auto Credit Application 

The Autoplex Alberta auto credit application is designed to make the process as simple and secure as possible. It’s important when completing the credit application to provide as much information as accurately as possible to avoid any setbacks in your auto loan process. Completing our online auto finance application ensures Autoplex Alberta has enough information to get you pre-approved for a vehicle in the smoothest and fastest way possible. If you have any questions regarding the online auto credit application, your data safety, how the process works, any difficulty completing the application, or would like to explore alternatives please call Autoplex Alberta at +1 (587) 327-5804. Autoplex Alberta always has associates ready to assist you. If in-person appointments are preferred this can be arranged and scheduled online or by calling. We look forward to helping you get approved for the car of your dreams!

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