How To Know It's Time For A New Vehicle?

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How To Know It's Time For A New Vehicle?
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How To Know It's Time For A New Vehicle?

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Buying a new or used vehicle is a big commitment, especially if you already have a vehicle at home. However, there are ways to determine when it’s a good time to trade-in or purchase a new vehicle. This article will express 10 signs that you may just be ready to buy a new car and the best way you can change. At Autoplex Alberta, we have an assortment of brand new and used-like-new vehicles for you to choose from. So if you are looking to buy the newest model, or just go up a few years up you can always find it here.‍

The car keeps breaking down

This is the obvious one. An older vehicle will start to have difficulties running smoothly and properly for you on a daily basis. This is a clear sign and the most common reason people realize that it’s time to buy a new car. Especially if you are living in a city like Calgary AB, a reliable vehicle is a necessity in the cold winters. If you are constantly needing to occupy your time to ensure that your vehicle will run smoothly; this can start to interfere with your daily routine, and state of mind, and cause lost opportunities.

The vehicle repairs costs are more than the car is worth

Older vehicles will require more maintenance to ensure they run smoothly and are safe for travel than a new vehicle will. Even if the vehicle is running without a problem you will still need to service the vehicle more often than a new one. Ultimately, this will lead to maintenance bills adding up and eventually costing more than the car is actually worth. This is a key indicator that it’s time for a new vehicle. While the vehicle depreciates in value over time; mileage and maintenance costs appreciate, then why would you stay in the same car? The image below further demonstrates the devaluation of older vehicles and increased costs of repairs over time. So if your vehicle is costing you an arm and a leg in maintenance every year, it's time to go to your local Autoplex Alberta car dealership to get it replaced.

Check your vehicle's odometer 

What is the odometer? The vehicle's odometer is an instrument used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle (the mileage or kilometers). The higher the number on the odometer the lower the retail value that can be fetched for the vehicle comparable to others being sold in your area. If you are interested in reselling your vehicle it is important to see the odometers of vehicles being sold in your area, if your vehicle is starting to get high in mileage, it’s time to sell and buy a new vehicle. Ideally, you should talk to your sales representative about trading-in your vehicle. A trade-in will allow you to sell your vehicle to the dealership and exchange the value for a new car you are interested in buying. You can find out how much your car is worth using Autoplex Alberta’s Value My Trade feature. This feature will quickly give you an accurate and proper appraisal.

Your Vehicle doesn’t match your lifestyle

People change, life changes, and our needs change. If a vehicle no longer matches your lifestyle and needs then it’s probably time to change up the vehicle. Maybe now you have kids so the mustang isn’t going to cut it anymore, switch for one of Autoplexes Mini Vans or Full-Sized SUV’s. It’s best to have a vehicle that you like and best fits your lifestyle. Autoplex Alberta offers various styles and kinds of vehicles, ranging from SUVs, Trucks, and more. Explore the directory further to view Autoplex Alberta’s inventory of available pre-owned cars.

You Don’t feel safe in your car.

Is there a weird noise coming from your car's engine? Do you have constant engine light? Maybe your airbag sensor no longer works. Then it’s probably time to change vehicles. Older vehicles are more run down so they start to lack the proper safety equipment and measures needed. With outdated safety features, your old vehicle may actually be putting you and your loved ones at risk. If your vehicle is no longer making the cut, Autoplex Alberta has an assortment of vehicles to choose from. We ensure all vehicles sold are equipped with the proper and latest safety measures so you never have to question if it's safe. Every vehicle at Autoplex Alberta has passed an Alberta Motor Vehicle Council (AMVIC) Mechanical Fitness Assessment (MFA) before sale to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive!

Car's performance is impacted by the weather 

How the car responds to different weather conditions indicates the performance of the vehicle and underlying issues. It is easier for a vehicle to start indoors or in perfect conditions, however, under extreme cold or hot temperatures is when your car is really put to the test. For example, if the vehicle struggles or does not turn on in extremely cold weather, or overheats when sitting in the sun. This shows the lack of stability and reliability in the vehicle. This is a clear sign that the vehicle is not working and regulating properly. Many of these underlying issues are engine-related and costly to repair, therefore, it may just be time to switch to a new vehicle.

High fuel consumption 

Older vehicles are manufactured less fuel-efficient than new cars as the technology in the automotive market is always developing and changing. Additionally, as the vehicle gets older and runs a higher mileage the fuel efficiency begins to decrease. Therefore, they are more costly on gas. It is important for you to calculate how much you can save on gas each month by upgrading your vehicle even just a few years newer. Often customers are surprised how much they could be saving when trading for a vehicle. 

Insurance prices rise for older vehicles

The lack of reliability of older vehicles affects the price of insurance for them. This means that older vehicles are considered riskier, less safe, and have higher insurance premiums associated with them. That means that just by having an older vehicle you actually pay more in insurance every month. Trading or getting a new vehicle can be a smart financial decision by avoiding high insurance rates. It is important to calculate how much you could be saving each month in insurance premiums by upgrading your vehicle.

Your Car Fails Emission Tests

What are emissions tests? The emission test measures whether the vehicle's emissions are in line with the current regulatory legal and permissible amount. All new vehicles are required to meet Environment Canada's emissions standards, which state that your car won’t emit more than 0.03 grams of nitrogen oxide per mile. Nitrogen oxide is the principal contributor to smog. Older vehicles are unable to regulate emissions which correlates with the need for constantly refueling gas. For example, the Catalytic Converter is an exhaust device used to chemically control the emission of harmful fumes from your vehicle. However, over time this device begins to fall apart, therefore older vehicles are not as environmentally friendly. Trading in for a new or newer used vehicle reduces your carbon footprint and can help save the environment.

Your vehicle has been written off 

A car accident can result in the vehicle being written off. When a vehicle is severely damaged beyond the point of repair or beyond a sensible repair value it can result in the vehicle being written off. For instance, if the repairs and reconditioning cost of the car costs more than the value of the vehicle this will result in the vehicle being written off. Once a vehicle is written off its resale value is severely decreased and often they are just sold for parts. When you have an older vehicle it is at higher risk of write-off for any small bump. If your vehicle has been written off it is no longer road-worthy and it's time to get a new vehicle. It’s smart to sell or trade your vehicle in before it is too old, as the cost of repairs and chance of write-off increase. This will help ensure you get some value for the vehicle on trade or sale. 

If any of the listed reasons has resulted in you questioning that it may be time for a new vehicle Autoplex Alberta is here for you. Customers are always welcome to stop by, have their current vehicle appraised for trade-in, test-drive, and apply for financing. Even if you can’t afford the big price tag of a new vehicle today, Autoplex Alberta has financing payment options available for you! Come Stop by, we cannot wait to work with you

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